Ameco | Nanny’s Pavillon
We believe that everyone wants to show their unique identity. Our artwork and design not just good in look (because we judge the book by it's cover) but also communicative on engaging the market itself. Creative Studio based in Bandung, Indonesia
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Nanny’s Pavillon

About This Project

Nanny’s Pavillon is a conceptual French American pancake restaurant.
The tradition of French American family is strongly followed by Nanny’s Pavillon,
therefore the routine reflects on warmth, cozy and intimate ambiance.
On this project we make their character design, shop illustration & promotion gimmick design.
All Illustration done in watercolour using the tone that convey in every outlet by portraying the warmth atmosphere of a home.

Nanny's Pavillon

Applied Illustration, Book Illustration, Visual Development
We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.